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Terms of Service

Last Updated: September 4, 2023

These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern the use of image editing services provided by Adrian Riccio Editing, as well as access to and utilization of digital downloads. By using the services and/or accessing digital downloads, the user agrees to comply with these Terms. Please carefully review the information presented below for your full understanding.

1. Acceptance of Terms

The use of Adrian Riccio Editing's image editing services or accessing digital downloads provided on this site constitutes acceptance of these Terms, including any potential future amendments.


1. Image Submission

The quality of the final edited image(s) cannot be guaranteed if the original submission is of low resolution or insufficient quality.

2. Edits and Revisions

Clients will receive a watermarked copy of the edited image(s) for review. Once a client has approved the edit, major changes beyond the scope of the initial request may require additional payment.

3. Image Delivery and Storage

After a client has paid for their edit and received the unwatermarked copy, it becomes their responsibility to download and store it securely. After a one-week period starting from the time the client received their unwatermarked image(s) if the client requires the image(s) to be provided again for any reason, they will need to pay for the service to be performed again.

4. Quote Estimates

Quoted prices are estimates. Actual charges may differ due to editing complexity, unforeseen issues, taking a longer period of time than accounted for or additional requests.

5. Showcasing Work

By using the services of Adrian Riccio Editing you are agreeing to the display of both before and after versions of your image(s), on this website, social media, and promotional materials. This serves the purpose of showcasing the quality of the services provided. If the client opts to maintain the privacy of their edited image(s) and wishes to opt out of such displays, they are required to provide written notification prior to the conclusion of the editing process. Additionally, clients retain the right to request the removal of their showcased image(s) at any point by making contact.

6. False Payment Disputes

Clients are expected to honour their payment commitments for the services provided by Adrian Riccio Editing. False payment disputes, where clients falsely claim dissatisfaction despite accurate service delivery, are considered a breach of our Terms of Service. Clients must review and communicate any concerns transparently. Unjust payment disputes through falsehoods may result in actions like withholding services, seeking legal recourse, and reporting to relevant platforms.

7. Promotions

Clients may have the opportunity to use promotional codes provided by Adrian Riccio Editing for free editing services or discounts. Clients will receive promotional codes after the completion of the necessary steps involved. It's important to note that while efforts will be made to accommodate all editing requests, there may be instances where the complexity or scope of the editing required is too significant in size or complexity, making it ineligible for free services. In this instance, an appropriate discount will be applied. These promotional codes are exclusively intended for the designated client and can be redeemed only once, unless explicitly specified otherwise. Sharing, transferring, or duplicating codes is prohibited and may result in code invalidation. A record of code redemption is maintained to prevent multiple uses or sharing. Clients who receive these codes acknowledge these terms.

Digital Downloads

1. Delivery and Access

Upon completing your purchase, digital content will be delivered to the email address provided during checkout. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the email address and to securely download and store the digital products.

2. Lost or Deleted Content

Adrian Riccio Editing is not responsible for any lost or deleted content or emails containing download links. It is the user's responsibility to securely store and maintain their purchased content. In the event that content is lost or deleted, users may need to repurchase the product.

3. Refunds

Due to the nature of the product being a digital download, refunds cannot be offered. However, if you encounter any issues with your purchase or have questions, please refer to the FAQ section on the specific product page or get in touch.

Changes to Terms

Alterations to these Terms may be implemented at any time. For any questions about the Terms, please reach out via the Contact page.